Velocity Is Building Ultimate Restomod 1970 Ford F-250

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  • After making a name for himself building beautifully envisioned Broncos, Florida-based Velocity Restorations is moving into the pickup truck business.
  • Like the company’s Broncos, this 1970 F-250 was powered by a Ford Performance Coyote V-8, mated to a four-speed automatic transmission.
  • The top-of-the-line Legacy package isn’t a farm truck, it comes with a full leather interior and a high-end stereo.

In Miami, no one pays any attention to Lamborghinis. You might as well drive the Golf for all the attention Huracán will give you, and unless you’re one of the lucky few who have completed your pre-order for the Lamborghini safari-inspired Sterrato, you’ll be spending a lot more. time worrying about scraping the nose than enjoying a V-10 screaming at the redline. Also, for the same money you can have a truck.

It’s a Capital-T truck, specifically the 1970 F-250, handcrafted from the ground up to provide an experience you don’t get from the factory. The Velocity Restorations F-250 is ridiculously expensive—$285,000 to start, $325,000 for this blue-and-white commission-built Heritage package—but it’s a masterpiece without the details.

We drove a 1969 Ford Bronco reworked by Velocity Restorations in 2019, and left confused and beguiled. Broncos are the coolest thing on Florida streets, but they also seem like the “more money than brains” option. We really want it.

The company’s take on the F-250 might be even cooler. Any kid who has ever picked up a Tonka truck can’t help but be fascinated by this pickup’s thick 33-inch Toyo off-road tires attitude and exposed suspension and axles. Trucks were simpler in 1970, less ornamental than purpose. Velocity’s trick here is to take that initial simplicity and embellish it with the perfect two-tone paint and billet accessories—subtle details you might not notice at first.

The powertrain, on the other hand, isn’t quite as refined. Building on lessons learned in making Broncos and their Harvesters, Velocity here pairs a Ford Coyote Performance crate 5.0L V8 with a rugged 4R70 four-speed automatic transmission. The brakes are Baer discs on all four corners, the underlying chassis comes from Illinois’ well-respected Roadstershop, and the F-250 now uses custom-built Fox dampers. A Velocity internal custom exhaust and Dana axle complete the package.

This two-tone blue-and-white model is made to order called the “High Roller”. This marks the start of a new line for Velocity, which will begin taking orders in 2023. Turnaround time is expected to be 14 weeks, but it’s worth noting that lead times for the company’s Broncos extended to over a year. The order book for this item is likely to fill up quickly. There are also plans to release a similar build based on the classic F-100 series pickup next year, although no concrete details are available yet.

Enter a full leather interior, air conditioning (not a luxury available to Kansas corn farmers in 1970, absolutely necessary for Miami beach cruisers), and a powerful Morel sound system to belt out your latest hit, “Only my dog ​​is right.” for me.” You can save your edgy Italian exotica. Everyone loves pickup trucks, and Velocity Restorations is currently taking orders for one of its finest.

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