Telepass, NEVER lend your device to others: they’ll catch you right away

Did you know that your telepass device cannot be associated with all the machines you want? The risk of incurring a very high fine, in fact, is around the corner, in the event that the passage of the “box” takes place on several machines. What is there to know about this illegal trend? Here is the move not to be mistaken to always stay within the rules.

telepass checks start
Telepass, checks are triggered –

The telepass it has changed the habits of millions of motorists in our country. In fact, this system allows you to avoid making long lines at the toll booth both at the entrance and at the exit. Through preferential lanes, in fact, the user can immediately go to the toll booth, thanks to this device with direct debit to the associated current account.

The device can be requested directly online on the site and follow all the instructions. After a short time you will receive the famous “box” at home.

You will need to enter it on the site your name and surname and all personal data, tax code, residential address, email and mobile phone number. Finally, you will have to provide the the IBAN to have the cost of each passage charged at the various toll booths on the Italian motorway network.

Telepass - Motors.News
Telepass – Motors.News

Moreover, it will be necessary to provide the registration number of the associated vehicle. But how many license plates can be associated with a single contract? What do you risk moving this device to cars with unassociated license plates? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

How many license plates can be associated with a telepass device? Here’s everything you need to know about it

The system telepass has greatly simplified the life of many motorists in recent years. It will be important, however, NEVER to make moves not permitted by the rules of use of this system. Indeed, you will not be able to move the device from one machine to another without limit. What is there to know about it? Here are the details.

Telepass rules - Motori.News
Telepass: here’s what you must NEVER commit in order not to incur very high fines – Motori.News

Let’s start right away by saying that for each telepass contract it will be possible to associate a maximum of two different plates. If you need to use the device for a third party, there is no other solution than stipulating another contract. In fact, it is not allowed to associate more than two machines to a single “box”.

The device, therefore, can only be used on two machines. Even if you don’t usually travel with the same car, the advice is to always place it on the windshield. In fact, this move will allow you to NEVER have problems when passing through the toll booth.

Also, it is important to say how the “box” should be changed after a few years of use, so that there are never any malfunctions.

But what is the risk of those who use Telepass on a car with a non-associated license plate? The risk is that of incurring – following precise checks – in one hefty fine and payment of the entire motorway section. In fact, a photo of the unauthorized license plate will be taken and the toll will be calculated for the longest possible journey.

Furthermore, the fine for anyone caught using an unassociated telepass device can reach up to one thousand euros. Is it worth risking so much? Respecting the rules is always the best solution.

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