Parking at the mall, with the WhatsApp trick you can find your car in a minute

How many times has it happened to park the car and no longer remember where it was left? Often thought to have been stolen, panic and confusion ensue.

Parking at the mall
Shopping mall parking – Motori.News

Then fortunately he remembers the exact point, perhaps finding the right reference point and the problem is solved certainly with the help of a little luck.

In the worst case, it stands still or wandering around the parking lots in desperate search of the car wasting a lot of time, for example in the parking lots of large shopping centers or at the cinema, this is the most annoying thing that can happen.

What happens when we park the car

Once you have parked your car, you can easily enter the shopping centre, spend hours in the shops, go shopping and quickly forget where the car was parked. For this, once finished you spend minutes, if not hours of going through license plates and looking at bumpers and then returning home nervous.

What is certain is that this is not the best way to end the day. That’s why they discover that simply by using WhatsApp the problem can be solved it’s the most beautiful thing ever, life changing.

row of parked cars
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What’s new in the new WhatsApp version

Speaking of which, there is a new version of the most used app around the world that is already revolutionizing our lives. In recent days, WhatsApp has added some great news to its normal functions.

There is for example the Community, in which groups gather to organize parties and events of any kind, the immediate translator has also been added which works via Google Translate to simplify conversations of any kind.

Then you have the option to take screenshots of only some messages received or send messages to yourself, for example to remind yourself of commitments. There are those who think it is an absurd or useless function, in reality self-analysis can be useful on many occasions.

For instance the most used messaging app in the world it can be used as a notepad, but conversations can be canceled within 24 hours. But here we are at the point, touching the position wording you can note the position of the car.

In this way you send the position to yourself, so all you have to do is open the message and go find the vehicle, without wasting a single second of time. Nothing more useful has ever been experienced until now.

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