Blue speed cameras, do you know what they are really for? Other than fines

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Ever wondered what the difference between blue and orange speed cameras was? Let’s find out together, maybe you won’t believe it.

Blue speed camera
Blue speed camera –

How many times have you suddenly slowed down for one blue or orange speed camera column which you didn’t know existed not knowing if it was active or not? Many.

These devices have been designed to catch drivers who are in a bit of a hurry, especially on urban roads but often, if not above all, also on provincial roads near inhabited centres.

We also know that sometimes these “box” work only if the police have set up what is defined as a mobile device useful for detecting the speed of passage.

So yes, sometimes they are simply empty boxes, while others are actually active and you have to pay attention to their passage in order to avoid getting fines. But what is the difference between the blue and orange speed cameras? It is soon said.

Blue or orange speed cameras: what are the differences and do fines really come?

Let’s start from the protagonist of our title: theblue speed camera. The balusters of this color are distinguished by a square shape and a metal material.

Blue speed camera
Blue speed camera –

These boxes are equipped with a fixed appliance active night and day which can include laser technology, infrared digital license plate recognition cameras and even remote management so that law enforcement agencies can immediately challenge the penalties.

Attention, because we are not talking only about speed, because inside these boxes of terror there may be a system which, from the simple recognition of the license plate, is able to understand if the vehicle has insurance coverageinspection or, worse, if it is a stolen or impounded car.

Let’s move on to the columns instead orange speed cameras, otherwise known as Velo Ok. They are the most widespread and we see them practically everywhere: roads, highways, state, provincial and so on.

They are built with a cylindrical shape and plastic material, with a porthole in the center or in a medium-high position to facilitate the installation of the mobile device.

That’s right, mobile, why these columns are actually often empty and they simply serve as a deterrent to ensure that motorists slow down anyway in the doubt that otherwise they would risk a fine.

Orange speed camera
Orange speed camera –

But, precisely, Is this fine really risky? Of course, but only if there is a patrol in the immediate vicinity suitably signaled by road signs that do not force the user to brake suddenly.

The rules in this regard are very strict: signs indicating speed camera devices they must be positioned at a distance deemed consistent with the possibility for the motorist to slow down gradually and not dangerously.

Otherwise, even if a fine were imposed, you would have every right to appeal and, in all probability, to win it.

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