“Lorenzo faster than him”

In a TV event on a Spanish broadcaster, Marc Marquez returns to talk about the confrontation with Valentino Rossi and the 2015 Sepang GP.

Marc Marquez (LaPresse)
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Marc Marquez and the Betis Seviglis footballer Joaquin Sanchez I found myself on the Jerez circuit. A good opportunity to have a chat, sitting in an armchair along the straight of the Andalusian track, and then do a few laps on a Honda RC213V-S. At the center of the arguments are matters of private and professional life, with the Cervera phenomenon jokingly announcing an engagement towards the end of the 30th year of age.

In an episode aired on the Spanish broadcaster Antena 3, the La Liga player, in his last year of his career, entertains the eight-time motorcycling champion with a series of questions ranging from injuries to his historic rivalry with Valentino Rossi. Marc Marquez reiterates once again that he thought about the end of his career after the two cases of diplopia. The first towards the end of 2021, after a crash in training, the second after the accident sustained in Indonesia during the warm up.

Marc Marquez with a straight leg on Valentino Rossi

The star player Honda he admitted that he experienced the two sides of being a sportsman. That of feeling like a superhero who has won everything, until that terrible accident in 2020 right at Jerez, at curve 3, which begins the most difficult period of his life, seasoned with operations, errors of evaluation, new surgeries. Down to the last sight problem: “You can forget an arm injury if you keep it still, but sight is sight, I opened my eyes and saw double…“.

The most intriguing theme concerns the rivalry with Valentino Rossi, especially what happened in Sepang in 2015. The challenge with the other riders is the salt of racing, but the one with the champion from Tavullia never ended. Marc Marquez didn’t mind not shaking hands at Misano in 2018. “When they deny you the greeting and everyone is on their own, well that’s it. This is like a divorce, if you listen to one version that will be it, and if you listen to the other it is the one you choose to believe. There are no good guys or bad guys. What happened happened, there was tension and it exploded“.

But Marc’s story doesn’t end there and he makes a football comparison. “If you are Messi you are not looking for contact or for the game to heat up. If, on the other hand, you see yourself in difficulty, you look for the atmosphere to clear up a bit, the cards, a contact, pam pam and goals. Kind of the same thing happened. In that season finale Lorenzo had more speed than him. He was trying to overheat the environment, he didn’t have the same speed“. There will be no possibility of making peace between them, even after many years: “I appreciate what he has done for motorcycling, but he does his thing and I do mine“.

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