Highway Code, if you commit this infraction it’s over: €6,000 fine

Pay attention to the news and updates contained in the Highway Code: if you commit this infraction, you will be fined 6,000 euros.

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Every motorist is required to comply with all the rules contained in the Traffic Laws to ensure safety for yourself and that of other motorists. There are infractions which, if committed, can dry up every motorist’s bank account. What offense committed may result the imposition of a fine of 6,000 euros? Let’s find out.

Higher fines based on income: this is the Government’s idea

The government led by Giorgia Meloni would like to introduce a increase in fines based on income. Here is the idea of ​​the Centre-Right Executive. After all, the Highway Code is 30 years old and the expected amounts are not commensurate with the high cost of living and galloping inflation. For this, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini would like to convene a table to update and review the Highway Code.

Among the hypotheses being studied by the Executive there would be the desire to suspend the driving license for life for those who drive while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Another proposal from the Government is that of increase penalties for those with higher incomes. In fact, in the other EU countries it is already a reality. The aim is to achieve a proportionality between motorists’ income and the amount of the fine. Heavier penalties and fines could ensure greater road safety.

Highway Code, fine of 6000 euros: if you commit this infraction, your account will be drained

There is an infringement which, if committed, will involve you the imposition of a fine of 6,000 euros. What offense are we talking about? The incident happened to a young man who did not stop his car at the stop sign imposed by the police.

Not only did he not stop at the stop sign, but he didn’t even wear a helmet, he had no driving licence, no insurance and no booklet. In short, adding up all these infractions, the verdict was as follows: the imposition of one fine of an amount equal to 6000 euros. A good bloodletting that drained the account of the eighteen-year-old boy.

fine of 6000 euros
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