Trick of the license plate, many use it at the toll booth so as not to pay: as they do

Paying at the toll booth is something that annoys many users, motorists and motorcyclists, because taxes in Italy are really many, indeed too many.

License plate trick
License plate trick – MotoriNews

For this reason anyone who does everything to not spend a euro in more by implementing the tricks that discovered by the police can cause major problems.

In fact, you should always keep in mind that not all shortcuts are legal, many are illegal and risky. The obligations are so called because they must always be respected, even at the tollbooth.

Mandatory toll, because it is important to pay

The mandatory toll system allows you to cross the toll booths and then enter and exit for a fee to use a service that generally should not have flaws.

There are those who have the Telepass, so they pay the minimum having a subscription that allows them to save money, and those who do must pay each timeotherwise the bar does not rise and therefore it is not possible to pass.

As with taxes or taxes, insurance, toll booths were invented to set aside something and at the same time provide services and benefits to the far better community.

If this money was spent right and if we all paid taxes and everything like we should, we would probably have top services at our disposal, without disadvantages of any kind.


The method by which many motorists avoid paying toll fees

Unfortunately, however, there are few who pay, because the majority of Italians are looking for tricks and ways to get around taxes, which sometimes work and sometimes don’t. It ends up that rather than paying a few euros at the tollbooth, you pay triple with a fine that makes your head spin.

Many motorists hide the license plate before arriving at the tollbooth trying to make it unrecognizable, they do it using our black in order to hide a number or modify it as much as possible.

There are those who instead make use of modern and innovative systems, electronics that go around the control systems. So they cover the license plate when they have the will to do it directly from inside the vehicle with a remote control, uncovering it if needed when needed to avoid getting caught.

In the event of a check, a high fine is foreseen, there is also the risk of withdrawal of the driving license or registration document, especially in the case of recurrence.

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