Theft of catalysts, these are the most affected cars – you can’t get away

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The practice of stealing catalysts is back in “fashion” and if you own these cars you are more at risk: here are which ones.

Theft of catalysts
Theft of catalysts –

Sometimes we just don’t have to worry about the car theft itself, but of some specific components that are worth a lot on the black market.

Once the greatest fear was related to car stereo, so much so that it was customary to take them with you to avoid attracting any ill-intentioned people. Now, the thieves’ target has shifted to other objects, with i catalysts at the top of the list.

And as is often the case in such cases, there are gods car models that generate more attractiveness than others. Let’s go and see them together, trying to understand why there is this great attention towards catalysts.

Theft of catalysts: which cars are most at risk?

The National Insurance Crime Bureau of the United States has compiled a report which has shown that the theft of catalysts sadly back in fashion in recent years. Indeed, the fear is that the thing could end up getting worse: so it is good to be careful and also understand how to protect yourself.

Car catalyst
Car catalyst –

Why so much attention to this part of the car? The reason is simple: the catalyst is built with metals that enjoy a very high value on the black market. Palladium, platinum and rhodium can even be more attractive than gold.

Let’s crunch some numbers: on the black market, the rhodium is quoted at around 400 euros. A conventional catalytic converter contains 0.02 grams of rhodium, not counting all the other metals we’ve mentioned, so the math gets pretty quick. Which models are most at risk?

THE SUVs first of all, because of their large muffler which, consequently, contains a fair “weight” of precious material. The Smart they are quite popular for an even simpler reason: it is very easy to disassemble the catalytic converters, as it is for any latest generation Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicle.

How to protect yourself then? Fortunately, the market allows us to purchase various devices that prevent the easy theft of the catalyst, if not prevent it altogether.

Muffler theft
Muffler theft –

They do not have an economic cost, but it is an expense that is worth making to avoid worse troubles. You can find them on Amazon, in common auto parts stores or, to be even safer, you can ask your trusted workshopespecially if connected to your dealership.

According to some, in reality they would not be very useful: for this reason we advise you to consult a reliable specialist, whom you know and whom you can trust, and who can show you the best practices to defend yourself from a possible theft because it is something that, imagine, you absolutely want to avoid.

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