Pecco Bagnaia, special request for Ducati: “Maybe I can convince them”

Pecco Bagnaia enjoys the moment as a MotoGP champion. But he has a request for Ducati, it would be an exciting challenge!

Ducati, listen to Bagnaia – MotoriNews

I’m sorry Bagnaia he’s having his glory year. He had already won a title in his career, but he definitely made history in MotoGP. After Valentino Rossi an Italian had never triumphed in the premier class, but not only. He’s been through a lot since 1972, when James Augustine and MV Agusta have become the last Italian duo on the roof of the world. With Ducati, Bagnaia has once again brought theItaly top in category. But pilots are always on the lookout for new challenges and the Piedmontese, referring to Borgo Panigale, has one in particular.

Bagnaia enjoys the party

“I don’t think about next year, I just want to focus on here I’m.” No thought to 2023, not yet: Pecco Bagnaia just wants to savor the world joy. He was immediately one of the undoubted favorites for the MotoGP crown, but starting with the handbrake on had raised many doubts. Too many mistakes in the first part of the season, for which Bagnaia always made mea culpa, determined however not to lose concentration. Finally found in the second part of the championship and, riding his red racing car, he became unstoppable. Such a recovery had never been seen, the rider from Chivasso remounted and took that triumph that both he and Ducati wanted with all their might. The party in Bologna is a last celebration of amemorable vintage for Italian driver and brand. But he will put that dreaded number 1? “Sure fascinates” Bagnaia conceded, without however overreacting. He used it for the 100 km of Champions at Valentino Rossi’s Ranch, but for the MotoGP the decision is still being made wait for.

Ducati, what do you say?

There is another thought but for the young MotoGP champion. Before the party in the square, Pecco Bagnaia admitted a wish: would like to try the Superbikes, but not for a wild card or for anything else that concerns that world championship. The Italian is looking even further, to a completely different championship. “I would like to try the bike, but for the Suzuka 8 Hours said Bagnaia. Nothing less than a race that has now become a symbola myth in the World Endurance Championship. “It’s something that fascinates me much” continued the MotoGP world champion, referring both to the historic track and to the competition itself. “I’ve been saying it for a while, maybe I can convince someone…” A good question that points to a fascinating challenge for Ducati. Will they be convinced?

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