if you do this you risk an infinite fine

The right of way in roundabouts confuses many users, in fact the majority of motorists make mistakes because they do not know the rules of the road or slowly over time have forgotten them.

priority at roundabouts risk fines
Priority at roundabouts – motori.news

Sometimes when you come to junctions or roundabouts you behave according to the intentions of other motorists, based solely on this.

Unfortunately, we must know that even a small mistake can lead to very expensive disbursements, so the only thing to do is to take into consideration the rules of the highway code and respect them one by one.

Prudence is the basis of safe driving, how to behave at a roundabout

When it comes to correct circulation we talk above all about prudence. Roundabouts have been installed in all Italian cities to increase safety and to make traffic more fluid, reducing the number of accidents which are more often than not fatal.

Instead, apparently they have had a negative influence, because not everyone understands how to behave. Unlike stop signs and red lights they don’t impose the stop of the gear, but the slowing down to observe the other cars, avoiding collisions.

So there are those who stop and those who slow down, and then there is no shortage of the cunning guy on duty who thinks he always has precedence. In this case, it’s trouble. The vehicle which is inside the roundabout and which has therefore already engaged it has precedence over those who are about to arrive.

For this reason, once you arrive near the roundabout, you must first of all observe the behavior of other motorists, then stop if necessary and continue if you have precedence. In this case, no one can say anything, not even in the event of an accident because it is on the side of reason.


Why did the European Commission install roundabouts

The European Commission has chose to install roundabouts in the various cities also to keep the smog level below average. It may seem strange, but compared to traffic lights, roundabouts respect the environment, they don’t pollute it like light fixtures.

The reason is simple, we are forced to stop at traffic lights, so the exhaust fumes from cars pollute the air in a way that no one can imagine. Instead at the roundabout you simply have to slow down, as a result the traffic is fluid.

Anyone who does not respect the rules and therefore does not give way to the roundabout, signaling their movements and intentions with the arrows, risks not only causing accidents, but also getting fines which ranging from €160 to €700 to which is added the deduction of 5 points from the license.

In the case of new drivers, the points reduced double, the license is also withdrawn.

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