72 hours without fuel, it will be difficult to run out of petrol: that’s when

2022 is the year of fuel in the sense that unfortunately, for better or for worse, that’s all we talk about.

72 hours without fuel
72 hours without fuel – Motori.News

If once everyone used cars, for one reason or another, out of necessity or for leisure, today those who use cars are only those who really need them.

Before the petrol no one would have ever thought of getting around on foot or by public transport, whether to go to school, work or university. Now, however, in order to save something, even buses are sold, even though they are unreliable.

72-hour strike in Italian service areas

Who give up using the car to move independently he does so by not refueling several times a week, because fuel, whatever it is, has come to cost 2 euros per litre.

Now, however expensive it may be, those who need a car to go to work will have to do everything possible to have cars and fuel available in any time for the next 72 hours.

The reason is simple, the distribution systems on the motorway network will be closed from 10pm on December 13th until 10pm on December 16th. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be the last time.

Gas station attendants have actually been crossing their arms in protest for some time, at least once every 2 months and they also have every good reason to do so. We all know in what state the service areas of the motorways pay.

gas station strike

That’s what the reason for the strike is

We all use them to rest, to stretch after so many hours of travel and stress, but in fact they are not the best in terms of services. For example, the prices of fuels, both diesel, petrol and methane are skyrocketing. Likewise those of the restaurant industry totally off the market

Those who need a stop must give in and pay a lot of money unnecessarily being aware that the quality standards of the products are really low. This is the result of a twenty-year policy that doesn’t work and that would need modifications.

This policy allows concessionary companies to do what they want, without rules, without measures and without controls completely beyond the law. The losers are the small companies as well as the last link in a strong and solid supply chain.

To try to find an adequate solution to the problem, all that remains is to go on strike. The communication of the planning of the strike was sent to the commission well in advance to inform users and customers of the lack of service upfront.

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