Fine on the windshield, if you hurry you can cancel it: it takes 1 minute

Did you find a parking ticket on your windshield? There is a way you could cancel it: it’s very simple, just do it like this.

windshield fine
windshield fine –

Your day ended with a nasty surprise: on the windshield of your car you found that sheet of paper, the fine that we would never want to findespecially after a long and perhaps difficult day at work.

It often happens with the most trivial offences, but which end up costing us more: double-parking to run a quick errand, a parking ban we didn’t notice, or unpaid parking.

What to do then? Pay or hope to convince the zealous policeman to turn a blind eye and let us go home without the thought of a fine to pay? It is not as obvious an issue as it seems, but fortunately there is a circular issued by the Ministry of the Interior which sheds light on the matter.

How to easily cancel a fine found on the windshield?

In detail, the circular specifies a very important thing because if: “…the car is parked illegally, in a double row or on the blue lines without the ticket or with the ticket expired, the policeman, not finding the driver and therefore unable to challenge him on the spot for the infringement, leaves the so-called «warning notice» on the windscreen of assessment».”.

Justice of the peace appeal
Justice of the peace appeal –

What does it mean? That it is not a question of the fine, but of a sort of courtesy communication that is made to the motorist who thus has the right to pay the fine within 15 days to also avoid paying the postage necessary to have the notification delivered to his home.

If you do not pay within 15 days here comes the classic registered mail, which allows you to pay the fine with a 30% discount if you make the payment within 5 days of receiving the notification.

Can we ask the policeman to turn a blind eye? Yes, because the document drawn up by the traffic policeman is nothing more than a notice that can be withdrawn. Of course there must be some valid reasonssuch as an error made by the agent himself or a condition that justifies your infraction: perhaps an emergency situation that forced you to park your car in double park or no parking or to be late by exceeding the expired parking ticket.

Fine on the windshield
Fine on the windshield –

Except in these cases it is not possible to cancel the fine on the windshield, especially if we don’t find the policeman and we hope to be able to go to the police station to ask for justice. In that case, if we are sure that we are right, it is necessary to resort to legal proceedings which consist of an appeal to the justice of the peace within 30 days, to the prefect within 60 or an instance in self-defense to the police command which drafted the report .

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