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In the car you should necessarily bring some objects with you that absolutely cannot be missing unless you want to risk getting heavy fines and more.

€300 fine
€300 fine – MotoriNews

As much as the car can be private, even inside it there are rules that everyone must respect.

Going against the highway code means accepting the risk of paying huge fines or even the withdrawal of the vehicle registration certificate and of the car.

Skipping obligations is never a good choice

The central theme of the highway code is safety on board cars, this must always be put first, it must never be missing. Whether traveling alone or traveling with other people, there are certain behaviors that must be observed.

What you must never do is gloss over the obligations that each of us has because lightness, breaking the rules can cost dearly, not only in terms of fines or withdrawals. There is even the risk of deciding for the lives of others. Which is very serious.

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Article 173 of the highway code, this is the obligation of all motorists

In this regard, article 173 of the highway code reminds us what is mandatory wear or have with you when you ride. If you are required to wear eyeglasses, you have no choice.

They must be worn and that’s it, both during the day and at night because violating the law means risking losing points on your driving license and having to pay significant fines.

Furthermore, in the event of an accident, one is obliged to pay out of one’s own pocket for the damage caused to others because the insurance companies in this case could deny the insurance coverage.

In fact, not wearing eyeglasses is one’s own choice, which obviously has consequences, those who make a mistake inevitably assume responsibility.

You don’t necessarily have to wear glasses, which can also be cumbersome and problematic. They can be replaced with contact lenses or with the laser operation which eliminates any obligation.

In the event of checks and checkpoints, the police forces check the obligations of car drivers on the driving license. For the uninitiated, driving with or without glasses is indicated by the identification code 01.

If the person in question has vision problems and does not wear glasses, he violates the obligation and is therefore punishable by law, consequently he is forced to pay a minimum of €83 up to €333.

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