Alternative Tire Chains To Get Your Car Out of the Snow

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This story was updated in December 2022 with new products and info.

Winter storms seem to be getting fiercer — and more frequent. As winter arrives, it’s important to be prepared, especially with our vehicles. Wherever you live, snow and ice can make roads treacherous. But tire chains are bulky, not very portable, and can be a pain to put on and take off. Fortunately, there are plenty of chain options to get you off your feet and get back on the move quickly.

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Along with a good winter emergency kit, skid-proof tire covers are an essential part of an emergency plan. These act like conventional tire chains but are easier to install — and often, much more portable. Plus, in many areas across the country, metal snow chains that crush the pavement are frowned upon.

If you’re holding off on buying a set of tire chains, consider one of these tire chain alternatives. Even if you don’t use it regularly, you’ll have it ready when the next big storm comes. Now that’s good planning.

Tool to Get Your Car Out of the Snow

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Snow Socks for Cars, SUVs & Pickups


Tire Traction Rope


Tire Traction Mat


Nylon Traction Strips


Anti-Slip Tire Wrap

Maxsa Innovation

Escaper Buddy Traction Mat


Classic Edition Snow Socks

The Peerless Chain Company

Metal Traction Cable


Anti-Slip Tire Straps

KNK Boutique

K&K Automotive Snow Socks

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