Not big enough? BMW Makes a Giant Grille for the Tokyo Auto Salon

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BMW’s giant version of the kidney grille on the M3, M4, 4 Series, and other models has received a lot of criticism because its massive size can look like a cartoon. Sometimes when people taunt you, the best response is to lean into the joke, and BMW Japan seems to believe in this strategy. At this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, the automaker’s showroom is a version of the grille that large vehicles can park inside.

The exhibition area is open at both ends, and a giant floor-to-ceiling grille in the middle. The BMW roundel is in the top center. For maximum accuracy, there’s an M3 badge in the top-right corner and a vehicle assist technology sensor underneath. The bar gives visitors a glimpse into the interior space as a teaser of what to expect.

BMW promised that a model would make its Japanese market premiere at the booth, but the company has yet to name the vehicle. The M4 GT3 that won the 2022 Super GT GT300 Class race at the Suzuka Circuit is part of the display. An M3 with M Performance parts and custom trim and an M240i with M Performance parts are also available for visitors to view.

The exhibition hall will have a stage where BMW will interview guests. Topics there will cover BMW motorsports and the services available from dealers.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 takes place from January 13 to 15. Currently, few automakers disclose what they bring to the show. Toyota’s Modellista division has two body kits for the 2023 Prius. The Neo Advance Style gets additional lights on the front bumper and a revised lower fascia. The Elegant Ice Style adds chrome accents and bolder side skirts.

Japanese tuner Damd came to the show in a rugged body kit for the Suzuki Hustler. Parts include a new front fascia, bumper with integrated fog lights, mesh grille, bonnet inlet and roof basket.