Speed ​​cameras, these facts don’t work this way: how to recognize them

Speed ​​cameras are the worst nightmare of all Italian and world motorists. When there seem to be no checkpoints, they are there, ready to report infringements and issue often onerous fines for excess speed.

Speed ​​Cameras
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In particular, speed cameras have been damaging motorists in the last period located in the Treviso ring road.

Lots of fines they have been challenged by appeals and interventions by lawyers and courts which, however, have established that the activity of the speed camera in question is legal because the tool that detects the speed is correctly approved.

The case of 2019 that causes discussion of the speed camera issue

The question about irregular speed cameraswhich involve the cancellation of fines, refers to a case dating back to 2019.

A motorist had been caught by the speed camera while traveling at 100 km per hour, darting without worry in front of the Red & Speed ​​Evo speed camera in the direction of Paese, after the Ghirada junction.

A few days later, he was served with a fine of €312 challenged by him because according to the checks the devices did not appear to be approved, therefore the fine could not be valid.

The decision of the justice of the peace paved the way for many appeals for high penalties both in the Treviso ring road and from all fixed speed cameras located around the Italian territory. In this case the judge agreed with the motorist, the proof of the infringement was missing because the instrument was not correctly approved.

The equipment validated by the decree of the Ministry of Transport of 2022 did not have the technical requirements, it is a matter of non-calibration and maintenance that has never been carried out.

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Treviso speed cameras, here’s what emerged following the checks

In this regard, the municipality of Treviso has declared that the fixed speed cameras positioned around the streets and highways have not been thought of as many motorists have accused, to raise cash but simply to make circulation safe.

Today, few respect the speed limits and unfortunately this is a problem that we are all aware of. The proof is the fatal accidents caused precisely by excesses.

In any case, to put an end to the matter, it is right that motorists know that the speed cameras in the region, which have been questioned several times, have been checked. Following the checks, all were found to be suitable and correctly approved.

This means those who have received fines will have to pay them in order not to pay harsh and heavy consequences. Treviso will have the opportunity to collect 5.2 million euros within the next year thanks to the fines deriving from the excesses of speed of inattentive and irresponsible motorists.

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