its real function is another

The handle above the car door is usually used to “hold” it with the hand: in reality it would be used for something else.

Handle above the door
Handle above the door –

There handle that we find above the door of the car, precisely above the window and in the places not used for driving, it is usually used to hold the hand while driving.

An action that many people do, especially older passengers or those who are simply “afraid” of the car and find comfort in that small but simple gesture that makes them feel safer. And in addition to this, it is also a great convenience when you want to follow comfortably the inertia of the car on the winding roads.

Car handle above the door: what is it really for

However, their real functions are different and always concern the support of the weakest passengers. They can be used for example for easier to get into the car: we know what you are wondering, if this is really the case why are they not present then also on the driver’s side. We’ll explain it to you right away.

Car handle
Car handle –

Due to their shape, the handles can be used at the complete discretion of the passenger or driver, who may find them useful for various purposes. Not only to hold hands then, but also maybe for hang clothes hangers freshly picked up from the laundry or a jacket that we don’t want to get creased on the car seats.

If you have had a car for a long time, you will surely have used the handles in different ways, also because their structure is combined, as mentioned, for different purposes. However, we were saying that they are not present on the driver’s side in any case: the explanation is all linked to one security issue.

Imagine if there were a handle on the side of the driver: the risk thought by car manufacturers is that the driver could be distracted by the presence of this accessoryperhaps trying to grab them to find greater comfort while driving.

To do this, he would have to take his hands off the steering wheel, thus causing a potential danger to himself and other passing cars. After all, the driver certainly wouldn’t need to hold on since the handlebar itself can perform that simple function.

Keep in the car
Keeping in the car –

In short, we discovered another little secret hidden in our cars. Which wasn’t so hidden after all since it’s an obvious and overused item, but finding out how it can be used beyond the conventional ones can undoubtedly help you the next time you or your passengers get into a car.

Finally don’t forget to check the seal from time to time of these handles, which over time can deteriorate and lose their function. It’s a rarity, mind you, but you’re never too sure of the rest.

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