MotoGP, LCR Honda and the F1-style scoop that scares fans “Come on guys!”

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After a hectic day in F1, LCR Honda makes its announcement. ‘Scaring’ even the boss Lucio Cecchinello!

LCR Honda, F1-style ‘news’ – MotoriNews

It was quite a day frenetic regarding some announcements in motorsport. However, we must look at the four wheels, or at the Formula 1. In fact, yesterday there were a succession of announcements regarding the team principals and CEOs of the various teams. From Ferrari to Alfa Romeo/Sauber, a thread of novelties to announce the new 2023 top management. But also in MotoGP there was something new: in the wake of these recent events, LCR Honda wanted to make a statement. A special announcement finally turned out to be one trick well packaged for insiders and simple fans, just to try and scare them a bit!

Between MotoGP and F1, how many changes

It cannot really be said that it was a quiet 2022, given the many surprise moves. How KTM What did he do ‘big expenses‘ at Ducati, not only taking Jack Miller but also some weight piece between mechanics and foremen. This after having already snapped up the new team manager Guidotti and Sterlacchini, both ex Ducati… The list is long, but let’s also quickly look at F1. Yesterday it started Ferrari with the farewell of Binotto and the engagement of Vasseur shortly after the greetings between the latter and Alfa Romeo/Sauber. In a few moments the announcement of Andreas Seidl, leaving McLaren, as the group’s new SEO SauberAndrea Stella new team principal of McLaren. A sequence who gave the idea to LCR Honda which, apart from the change of a driver, did not experience major jolts. At least until now.

The LCR Honda “bomb”.

The Glance it has been well studied. The graphics are taken from the one used for Formula 1 for all ads, whether it’s pilots or the top management of a team. If you want to do take a blow to the fans it’s really the right method! But read below…

LCR Honda, the surprise ‘scoop’ – MotoriNews

“Lucio Cecchinello is not going anywhere” and here it is revealed trick! The same boss of LCR Honda commented amused on nice post appeared on the team’s social channels. “Come on guys!” wrote Cecchinello together with various themed emojis. There is no shortage of comments with laughs of many people, while Aruba Ducati of the Superbike World Championship confirms the choice “Despite very strong contacts”. #LucioStay here is the confirmation hashtag from LCR, but there is no shortage of a fan who admits: “I had a stroke!” That was the purpose is the amused answer from Cecchinello’s team. Which no, he has no intention of leave his creature.

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