Registration certificate, 600 euro fine if this change is not made

This document is essential to have in order to circulate on Italian roads. There are several details to consider so that everything is in order. What change on the vehicle registration document is it essential to have in some cases? Here’s everything you need to know to never incur unpleasant fines for violating the Highway Code.

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Vehicle registration certificate – Motori.News

The vehicle registration document it is a fundamental document to always carry with you in the car. In fact, it contains all the technical data of your car and must always be shown – combined with the driving license – during a normal police check on the street.

It is issued directly by the Civil Motorization. The registration document contains a whole series of data on the owner and on who can drive the vehicle and technical information relating to your car.

They describe the car model, make and year of registration, but not only. Indeed, it sheds light on the actual power of the vehicleon the emission class and on declared consumption from the car manufacturer. Having all the data in order on the vehicle registration document will also, possibly, allow you to sell the vehicle without problems of any kind.

Reading the registration certificate is not exactly trivial. In fact, there are different codes in reference to each aspect to be searched. The forces of order are well aware of this not exactly intuitive legend. And for this, many motorists make some mistakes – sometimes involuntary – without making the right changes to the registration certificate of your car.

But what modification is essential to have on the vehicle registration document for a particular category of motorists? Here’s everything you need to know to avoid a hefty fine.

Here is the information on the registration document necessary to respect in a particular case

The particular category we mentioned earlier concerns that of the novice drivers. They they cannot take to the road in particular cars during the first year after the issuance of the B driving licence. What must be indicated on the registration certificate? Is there any exemption?

Registration certificate - Motori.News
Here’s what novice drivers must respect. The data is expressed on the registration certificate – Motori.News

Novice drivers cannot drive too powerful cars during the first year after obtaining the document. The novice driver can circulate on the road, without any companion, only on board a car with a power not exceeding 70 kW (or 95 HP) and with a power/tare ratio not exceeding 55 kW/ton.

The data on the power of the car are present in the page 3 of the registration certificate of the medium. There fine for anyone who should be caught driving a car with power that is not permitted, it is between 165 and 661 euros. Furthermore, the license could be suspended from two to eight months, depending on the various specific cases.

It therefore becomes essential to evaluate the real power of the vehicle indicated on the vehicle registration document. But there is, however, a derogation for novice drivers, which made it possible to change some aspects of this question. Which? Here’s what to know.

Modification registration certificate - Motori.News
Vehicle registration certificate – Motori.News

In 2022, there was a modification of article 117 of the Highway Code. Practically, the power limit for novice drivers is canceled in the first year if a companion is present next to the driver with many years of driving license behind. The latter, however, must not exceed 65 years of age.

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