Car lights, honk for 30 seconds and see what happens – incredible

Engine failure warning lights are every driver’s nightmare: there’s a trick to turning them off and it’s amazing.

Sound the horn
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The terror of car lights unites all motorists. Perhaps you are traveling on the motorway, you are about to leave to go to work or to go home or in any case suddenly those lights come on that are not as pleasant as the Christmas ones.

The one that arouses the most fear is the classic engine failure warning light: it is orange, tending towards yellow, and is represented by an engine component. Unfortunately, when this light is activated, you really have to worry, because it indicates that something is wrong with the propulsion system or in any case with some of its components.

Sometimes it’s difficult to really understand what the car has, even if the latest generation cars are equipped with display able to give us more information, but it is certain that generally three malfunctions are indicated which may be related to ignition, starting and exhaust.

What do the car engine lights mean and how to turn them off with a trick

Usually, it’s just the exhaust the main defendant which triggers the engine failure warning light, especially in cars equipped with FAPthe particulate filter, which perhaps is not clean or does not work properly and affects the normal activity of the engine by sending it to protection.

Car horn
Car horn –

If you notice strange behavior while driving, on the other hand, it could be fuel residues after refueling.

Either way, when this light comes on you should immediately run to the workshop you trust to understand if it is something that can be solved in a short time or not in order to avoid worse troubles. Naturally, it may happen that you do not immediately have time to leave the car at the mechanic and you would still like to turn off those car lights that only cause you annoyance and anxiety.

The method exists and it is very particular: all you have to do is disconnect the car battery and press and hold the horn for about 30 seconds. At this point, the residual energy present in the condenser will slowly run out until any light that was still on goes out. Then, wait another 15 minutes and simply reattach the battery.

Engine failure warning light
Car engine failure warning light –

The advantage of this solution? Any car lights that were on will effectively turn off. The disadvantages? First of all, you risk “forgetting” that there is a problem, even if the warning light could come on again quickly if the malfunction recurs. Secondly, you could erase any data stored in the radio or any infotainment system.

In short, this method undoubtedly works and is designed for you who want turn off the car lights before going to the workshop. If you do, that’s fine, but don’t underestimate the need to take a trip to the mechanic as soon as possible otherwise there is a risk of serious trouble.

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