here’s how to stay parked for a long time

There is a trick to stay parked more in places where there is a parking disc. This cancellation of the time limits has been implemented in recent years by several people. But is it legal? Here’s everything you need to know about this move and how some people engineered it.

Time disc
Parking disc – Motors.News

The time disc it is a device used by motorists to signal the exact start time of parking in parking lots subject to this possibility. Usually, the duration of the stop with the parking disc is quite short and is between 30 minutes and about 2 hours, depending on the case and on the city.

Italian cities are increasingly invaded by areas with paid parking. Finding a free seat or one subject to the parking disc is increasingly complicated. Many people think that this thing is a limitation on their freedom. The abuse of paid parking is undoubtedly an excessive move by some Municipalities. The citizen, however, is required to respect the rules and not to circumvent them.

Some car parks are subject to the parking disc in the first hour and then become paid in the following hours. But Do you know that there is a method to get around this limit? Is it legal? Absolutely not. Here’s what you need to know about this move by some ‘cunning’ to not pay for parking every day.

The time disc scam: here’s what several ‘crafty’ have implemented

Some people have found a solution to ensure that their presence in car parks with parking discs is always legal. On Amazon, or at other online stores, in fact, it is possible to buy a motorized parking disc. It will be able to change the time on the parking disc automatically and guarantee an apparently regular stop. But the police have tracked down some ‘crafty’punishing them severely.

Smart parking disc - Motori.News
The ‘crafty’ of the parking disc: here’s what they thought up to get around the limits – Motori.News

The purchase of this motorized parking disc is absolutely legal. It’s not allowedHowever, its use.

But what risks those who use this motorized object? We need to divide the issue in two. Indeed, in car parks where at least the first hour is free with the parking disc, being caught having operated a battery-operated parking disc only puts you at risk of one fine. It may vary from 41 to 169 euros. Indeed, such a move is one violation of article 157 of the Highway Code, which obliges the motorist to select the correct start time for the stop.

On the other hand, if the motorized parking disc is used in car parks where the payment from the first hour, you risk incurring not only a heavy fine. In fact, the matter enters the criminal law for fraud. Plus a fine much heavier than the previous one – from 309 to 1549 euros – a criminal offense is committed against the Municipality.

Parking disc - Motori.News
Parking disc – Motors.News

Practically, one abandons the Highway Code and enters the Penal Code. This move constitutes a violation of the latter Code and, therefore, a real scam. In addition to the sanction, the user caught in the act may also suffer a prison sentence of between 1 and 5 years. Think carefully, then, if it occurred to you to implement this totally illegal ploy.

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