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Have you ever tried pressing the window button too hard? We explain why you should do it and what it is for.

Window button
Window button –

Let’s go back to talking about the fantastic world of hidden secrets in our cars. This time we’re talking about the electric window button: usually useful for its conventional function, but it can also be used in another way.

After all, with the latest generation machines it is really unlikely if not even possible to still find the old lever or crank which allowed us to manually raise and lower the window. Perhaps, some low cost utility cars could still have it in the back seats, but this method is now practically extinct.

Thus, we are all gifted with electric windows: comfortable, practical, they can also be controlled remotely using the buttons on the remote control integrated in the key. Of course, they are more subject to breakage for any reason since it is a system that is no longer exclusively mechanical, not to mention that in the event of a car submerged in water, you could not lower them without breaking them.

All right, done this preamble let’s find out how else we can exploit the window buttonin addition to what, we have said, is the conventional operation dedicated to opening and closing the glass.

Why press the window key for 6 seconds

The driver’s dashboard is equipped with all the buttons that control the various windows of the car: if the rear part of the car also includes the electric windows you will therefore find four keys, otherwise only two. This allows the driver to be in total control, especially useful when driving alone.

Car window key
Car window button –

The keys, however, hide a secret function: or rather, probably little known to everyone because we are certainly not in the habit of leafing through the car manual thoroughly. The fact is that clicking the button for 6 seconds in a row you will have the option to have the window roll down automatically when the door is closed.

It is a method that only works when the machine is off and which is useful in those cases in which you need to air the car quickly and want to do it without having to turn on the car. And after all it can also be functional for the same passenger who will get into the car from the rear: he will avoid finding the seats hot and the car ready to let the hot air boil off.

The driver's dashboard
The driver’s dashboard –

The next time you go by car, if you have never tried it, immediately try to find out if your car is equipped with this awesome system. It is generally expected on all cars that include electric windows, but to be sure, you can test it and find out if you too can take advantage of this incredible and perhaps little-known convenience.

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