Is it true that if you go slowly you consume less petrol? The answer is not what you expect

Nowadays anyone gives up using the car for any move in the city or out of town because the goal of all motorists is to save on fuel since more and more is spent at the petrol pump.

driving slowly consumes less petrol
Is it true that if you go slowly you consume less petrol? –

Making ends meet is difficult for any worker forced to make sacrifices. Not surprisingly many users they stated that they had given up on the car and that he chose to leave it unused in the garage to travel by public transport even if they are often unreliable.

In order to save on petrol or diesel, one would do anything, also because €10 of petrol today, they are no longer worth the €10 of a few months ago or a few years ago.

Saving fuel is possible, here’s how

Many people put into practice some tricks and tricks to save money, which work but which are largely illegal. All this without knowing that there are very simple methods that allow you to save money simply by changing some habits.

The first thing to do is to pay attention to the use of the gears. Incorrect use of the gearbox could lead to a waste of very important fuel. When you rev ​​too much by using too much throttle, you’re consuming too much than you should.

gas station strike
petrol –

When petrol is consumed excessively

So in a nutshell it wears out much more when you put the gear wrong, or when you don’t change at all, in fact the most modern cars warn via a warning light that the time has come to change. This optimizes driving as well as fuel consumption.

And then sudden braking is to be avoided or rocket restarts which, in addition to being dangerous, cause a significant waste of fuel. Regarding the accelerations, these should be done gradually to reach the speed necessary for the gear change.

Then as one proceeds on any road, you always have to keep an eye on the engine speed, saving money when going downhill or on the flat. In a nutshell and ultimately, if you drive on a regular basis, you travel in peace while always maintaining the same speed.

Through these trivial tricks you can save money by eliminating the differences between low speed and high speed. By the way travel at an average speed it does not involve risks or, in any case, it does not involve significant risks.

Traveling slowly goes against the highway code, as does not respecting the limits it can cause accidents and is therefore very dangerous. Driving wisdom is the foundation of everything.

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