MotoGP, clear ideas in KTM: we must no longer repeat that mistake

KTM admits mistakes and works not to repeat them in the future. He has to preserve his young talents, one in particular.

KTM does not want to make mistakes again – MotoriNews

In MotoGP every builder has its own problems. Maybe less Ducati, given that he has just won the triple crown and has a solid battalion of fast riders. In KTM, a much younger project in the premier class, we are trying to follow the same path. It seems though that lack still a little bit to get to fight firmly in the top positions. We are working on it, but there is also another aspect to fix: the pilot management. In this KTM she has not particularly shone lately, especially for his guys in the satellite team Tech3. And from Pit Beirer comes the promise not to repeat a certain mistake again.

KTM to fix

In the last two years there have been episodes “details” within the Austrian manufacturer. Last year the KTM Tech3 riders, Iker Lecuona And Daniel Petruccisuddenly learned of the farewell during a turn of free practice of a GP in the middle of the championship. A situation that the two do not have digested very good, not hiding the moodiness in subsequent statements. It should be added that the Italian had only joined the team at the beginning of the season… In their place is the Moto2 champion Remy Gardner and the vice-champion Raul Fernandezbut it got even worse. The Spaniard, who wasn’t convinced of the move to the top class, had contacts with Yamaha among other things. But KTM has asserted the contract, thus bringing him to MotoGP in his ranks. But soon the report Yes is crackedFernandez began to look around and Gardner, once officially footed, aimed at the Superbikes. Not even a year and KTM lost two riders, actually three, we told you the incredible reason.

“Too Quickly”

But in KTM they did my fault for this situation. The goal is not to repeat the same mistakes nor with Augusto Fernandeznext MotoGP rookie with colors Tech3 GasGasnor with Pedro Acosta. In fact, the little phenomenon will remain quiet in Moto2 for another year. “We pushed some great Moto2 riders too quickly” he has declared Pit Beirer to The clear reference is to the story of Raul Fernandez. “A second season, on the other hand, certainly won’t hurt, Marc Marquez did it too.” The goal is calm down Pedro Acosta, who KTM certainly doesn’t want to lose, and make him grow without haste. Ditto Augusto Fernandez. We will not replace it after a year” Beirer pointed out. Lesson learned in Mattinghofen’s house, which he no longer wants get burned other talents.

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