Car tyres, with these you consume too much petrol: change them immediately

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Before leaving for a long or short trip, you should always remember to check your car tyres.

Car tires
Car tires –

Especially if you establish a low spending budget and you don’t have the economic possibility to face sudden expenses they can be devastating at times, it is good to organize in time and prevent future inconveniences.

Christmas is upon us, there are those who choose to live it with their families and those who prefer to organize a trip out of town lasting a few days or a week at the most, even if they are holidaymakers this year there will be very few due to the crisis.

A relaxing holiday is what we all want, but be careful with some choices

Whoever is organizing the holidays has foreseen as the first necessary, fundamental expense, the full tank of petrol that must be done several times based on distance to go by car.

Since the price of fuel has gone above €2 per litre, there’s no way we could think or hope to save a single euro. As long as you stay in the city, you travel by public transport to save some money, using a service that unfortunately it is not always fully reliable.

To go on holiday with luggage especially if you have children, all this is impossible. But there are trickswhich once applied, allow you to save significant sums and immediately notice the difference.

Checking car tires
car tires –

Save money with a simple tire check

To ensure that the full tank lasts as long as possible, it is better to implement an intelligent start, the lower the gear, the higher the consumption, so the first thing to do is change gears coming quickly to the fifth if you are on the highway or the road allows it.

Then as regards car tires, the common mistake is not to have them inflated by the gas station or the tire specialist by proceeding home. Yet it must be known that flat tires cause friction with asphalt you consume much more fuel than you should.

Another mistake we make especially in the summer is using the air conditioning when it’s not needed. Until you hit the road at 50km/hit’s best to keep the windows open.

On the other hand, when traveling at high speed it is better to close the window and turn on the air conditioner because otherwise the window slows down the car and wears out twice as much. When you fill up, it’s important to proceed with the do-it-yourself and not with the served.

Then you turn off the car, refuel, take the receipt and do the calculations on the price difference between served and not.

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