Motorway toll, from today you no longer pay it: just do this

The motorway toll is what any motorist who has to travel every day for work or simply to reach family members is forced to pay.

Motorway toll –

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to face all these expenses on a weekly or monthly basis, especially not now, given that any product has reached really high costs.

Those who travel by force of circumstances find themselves having to pay dearly for fuel, speed cameras should sanctions be imposed, the toll which is not a small cost.

In short, these are small expenses which, added together, slowly increase costs and convince motorists to stay at home.

The cost of the Rome-Milan motorway toll

For example, those who go from Rome to Milan one way must pay more than €40 for the motorway toll. The point is not only this, because users would also be willing to pay, the problem is that the highways are completely devoid of services.

By paying the high motorway toll, motorists should travel in total comfort, only this would justify the expense involved. But that’s not the case at all. It is no coincidence that after paying the toll it happens that you get stuck in traffic.

It often happens due to interruptions due to construction sites carrying out work, which slow down or unjustifiably block traffic and therefore lead to delays. In all these cases, a refund can be requested, which in any case is not always granted because the necessary checks are carried out first.

Motorway toll –

How to avoid the motorway toll

The first thing to do would be to avoid the motorway toll, this would lighten the costs on our pockets. To do this we should all use Google Maps, an app that can be downloaded on any smartphone or tablet.

It is a travel assistant that indicates the route to avoid and the one recommended in order not to go through the toll booths and therefore not to pay the toll. Opening Google Maps, just search for the destination, then touch directions and choose the car as a means of transport.

Finally, touch the three dots at the top, choose the wording route options and then avoid motorways or avoid tolls. This trick allows you not to pay for the motorway and avoid it completely also to avoid being bottled up.

Doing it in advance is important because once you have entered the motorway it becomes impossible to exit it since all maneuvers are forbidden.

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