Highway Code, €1731 fine if they find this in your car: remove it immediately

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When traveling by car you have to pay attention to every detail, even the smallest, sometimes insignificant, can be the cause of hefty fines and much more.

Traffic Laws
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Companies, private citizens, have been receiving rather high bills for weeks now. Making a stir these days was the news of the San Patrignano community bill which amounts to €730,000.

Most likely due to the gas bill the community will be forced to close its doors. This welcomes young people of all ages, over the years it has acquired a social commitment that has given way to many people to receive support and help of any kind.

Now after 40 years he risks having to stop the business due to expensive bills, expensive energy, etc.

The increases and the consequences on the population and on motorists

It is not only the current that increases, but also the fuel, the immediate consequence of all this is that many people choose not to drive to save on fuel.

Others who absolutely don’t want to do it instead prefer to find the valid alternative, non-legal tricks, which absolutely can’t make you feel safe.

For instance there are people who want to save something, risk getting a €1600 fine by removing the particulate filter fitted to the car. This filter has been fitted to all new generation cars because it reduces emissions.

At the same time, however, consumption increases. On diesel cars it is called FAP, on petrol cars is the Gasoline particulate Filter. Polluting emissions in both cases are reduced by 70% compared to normal.

particulate filter
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Because the filter is essential and deleting it is illegal

What is certain is that it is indispensable because it completely reduces the environmental impact, but at the same time it goes to the disadvantage of motorists and unfortunately this is absolutely not the best moment.

Anyone who chooses to be smart and therefore eliminates the filter must know that it is forbidden to do so, because following checks by the police, there is a risk of being fined from €400 to €1,731.

But it doesn’t end there, because it’s even possible risk the withdrawal of the registration certificate, which then becomes a real problem.

Unfortunately today anyone who chooses to take responsibility for gestures that descend into illegality in order to save something, for example the scams at the petrol pump are daily. The episodes of thefts and scams like that they are increasing in all regions of Italy and will hardly decrease.

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