€700 fine for anyone who does this on a bicycle: everyone always does it

Those who ride bicycles generally think they can do anything, because everything is allowed on a bike, as well as on a scooter.

fine on the bike
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In reality, all users traveling on the roads must respect the highway code and all the required rules.

In fact, the rules are applied to any vehicle, not only cars, scooters or motorcycles, but also pedestrians.

Pedestrians for example they cannot cross the street unless they take advantage of the pedestrian crossings, just as they cannot gather on the sidewalks, occupying them and hindering pedestrian traffic. Finally, they cannot block the entrances to commercial activities.

What did the last intervention of the authorities bring about

Regarding this, last year the authorities had to intervene by integrating new provisions to the highway code, these are measures designed and created for a very specific group of users, i.e. cyclists and those who ride scooters.

Up to now, both have circulated as they wished and where they wished without limits and without rules. Yet now the party is over and they will have to get used to the news by paying attention immediately so as not to risk heavy fines.

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The move that no cyclist on his bicycle should make

Those who go around on bicycles from now on will have to pay attention to every maneuver and every step because one misstep could cost dearly. For example, going the wrong way with the bicycle is already a serious infraction.

In this case you risk a fine even if you are aloneif you don’t put anyone at risk. The Highway Code says so. In particular, article 173 of the Highway Code clarifies that all scooter and bicycle drivers must circulate without headphones on.

Many do it because they relax while pedalling. In reality they should never be used on the street because do not allow safe movement.

It may happen that the driver of another vehicle makes audible signals which are later hindered by the telephone radio device, putting the motorist in difficulty and the cyclist or anyone riding a scooter is at risk. At that point what do you do? Which side does the law take?

In the event of a check by the police if it turns out that whoever was on the bicycle had earphones in their ears, not necessarily both, the latter takes home a fine ranging from 165 to €700.

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