Peugeot Inception Concept Reveals Design Details Ahead of January 5 Debut

Traditional car shows may be past their prime, but other types of events are gaining traction in the auto industry. We’re not just talking about the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​as the annual Consumer Electronics Show is also gradually becoming more relevant for many automakers. With today’s technology-laden vehicles, it’s no wonder that Las Vegas is now a place to present the latest developments in the automotive sector.

For example, Peugeot will be bringing the Inception concept to CES next month, although the French brand won’t be returning to the United States anytime soon. To stir up hype around its new showcar, the lion-bearing company has released a new teaser for the concept car that was originally announced in October at the Paris Motor Show. We get the impression that this is a big deal for Peugeot as it’s rare for a teaser campaign to be so comprehensive, especially for just a concept.

True to its name, the Inception is the start of new beginnings as it will feature a new design direction for cars designed from day one with an electric drivetrain. Peugeot has developed a habit of churning out stunning concepts and we hope this is no exception. From the few details revealed so far, we get the impression that this will be an edgy design with sleek LED lighting.

The teaser depicting what appears to be a front grille with an illuminated logo appears to show a relatively low nose, so there’s a good chance this isn’t an SUV. Riding on what Peugeot calls a “BEV-by-design” platform, expect short overhangs and a long wheelbase. A fresh look at the i-Cockpit’s interior layout is expected, but the Inception may not necessarily take a look at the upcoming production model. Instead, it will forecast the general direction EVs will take from around the middle of the decade.

The premiere at CES 2023 in Sin City is locked on January 5th, so it’s exactly three weeks from today.

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