BMW M EV Concept Shows off Body Modifications to the i4 in New Spy Photos

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BMW, like almost all automakers, is moving toward broad electrification. While cross-town rivals like Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi already offer some beefy performance EVs, BMW isn’t quite there yet. The vehicles you see here should change all that.

In case you missed it, BMW announced a The M concept prototype last August which packs a quad-motor drivetrain. A few pictures and videos bring it to life, but we now have a set of detailed spy photos to give us an up-close look. If it resembles the i4, it should – this test vehicle is based on the i4 M50 but it’s a full fat M engine. As such, these images offer a clearer look at the body modifications made to accommodate significantly more power from the quad-motor setup.

Flared fenders make room for wider tires and an overall wider track. The CSL grille crowns the nose, though it doesn’t feed the combustion engine. Whether that serves a different role for airflow or is simply an aesthetic enhancement is unclear. The truly massive front brakes are sure to enjoy the cool breeze, as is the individual electric motor.

There’s no word on how robust these Bimmer tests actually are, by the way. This is certainly ahead of the i4 M50, which is available today with 536 horsepower from a dual-motor layout. We suspect it’s also outpaced BMW’s other BEV, the iX M60 with 610 hp, but having four driving motors isn’t just about having more power. BMW talked about millisecond response time to the application of power to each wheel, providing extreme precision for cornering, braking and stability.

“We can already see that we can exploit this potential to the fullest, so that our high-performance sports cars will continue to offer the M-signature and unrivaled combination of dynamics, agility and precision in the local emissions-free future,” said BMW M Head of Development Dirk. Hackers.

The M concept prototype broke a few months ago, but our insider sources say road testing will start soon. That could indicate something more official coming from BMW M in the near future. Even if we waited longer, with four bikes to play with, we suspect the wait was worth it.

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