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The international driving license is a document necessary to bring a car to foreign countries where the Italian driving license alone is not sufficient. Many people wonder how to acquire this essential document in case of travel or transfer abroad. In this article we will shed light on how to obtain such a ‘universal’ licence, and see where it will be possible to drive and for how long. Here are all the details about it.

International licence
International driving license –

There driving license B allows any Italian citizen to bring a vehicle aged 18 and over into our country. It will be necessary to perform a theoretical quiz test and a real practical driving test. At that point you will become newly licensed and it will be possible to bring a motorized vehicle, respecting all the road rules in force.

With this document it will be possible to drive a car even in all foreign countries belonging to the European Community, in many other European territories and in some countries outside Europe. And in foreign countries where this document is not sufficient?

In this case, it will be necessary to have a special driving document. We refer to international driving license, also famous as international driving permit. Those in possession of an Italian driving license can apply for this international permit.

But what do you have to do to obtain this driving ‘licence’ in non-European countries? Here’s everything you need to know about how to request it, the documents to present, the years of validity and the states in which you can drive the car.

International driving licence: here’s everything you need to know about it

There international driving license, in practice, it is a document on which the owner’s data are transcribed in various languages. In this way, the control of the agents in charge in the foreign country will be more facilitated. As mentioned, this document allows the Italian citizen to drive a car in all countries where our Italian driving license is not recognized. This permit, from a legislative point of view, it has the same function as a passport.

International driving license - Motori.News
The international driving licence: here’s everything you need to know about this important document – ​​Motori.News

But how to get the international driving licence? The methods are very simple. Indeed, you will have to fill in the so-called TT 746 form and start the Civil Motorization practice. In addition to this model, you will need to attach other documents. We refer to tax code, a photocopy of the licence (both front and back) ea two passport photos.

Also, you will need to attach the payment receipts and revenue stamp. The costs to be incurred are as follows:

  • 16 euro revenue stamp;
  • Payment of 10.20 euros on postal order 9001. This form will be available at all post offices and in the local offices of the Civil Motorization;
  • Payment of 16 euros on c/c 4028present in post offices and in Motorization.

The advice is to move in time in the practices. Indeed, it will take 10 to 15 days for the international driving license to be issued.

As regards the validity of the document, the times vary according to its regulation. Indeed, the various guidelines to be followed were decided in two separate stages – by the Geneva Convention of 1949 and by the Vienna Convention of 1968.

Some countries require the document ratified by the first convention and others by the second. The international driving license ratified by the 1949 Geneva Convention is valid for one year. The one ratified by the Vienna Convention, on the other hand, three years.

International driving license - Motori.News
The international driving license – Motori.News

To find out which of the two Conventions is followed in the country where it will be necessary to travel, it will be possible to select the instead “Search Country” on the site by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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