you only need one ingredient to remove them forever

If your car has suffered some minor scratches on the bodywork, don’t worry. Indeed, there is a way to make these small and conspicuous damages disappear in a practical, fast and economical way. You will avoid going to the body shop and, therefore, putting a heavy hand on your wallet. Here’s everything you need to know to make your car’s body shine again.

Car scratches
Car scratches –

Especially those who are used to driving in big city traffic know how probable it can be scratch your car completely involuntary. Even in a parking lot with cars close together, it can happen that you slam the door on another car. The small scratches on the bodywork are anti-aesthetic and, therefore, you will certainly want to fix this aspect.

However, you will only have to go to the body shop in the most serious cases, when the scratches are deep and the dents are very conspicuous. In the event that, on the other hand, there are minor scratches, then this article will let you discover a cheap and practical trick to solve the problem in a do-it-yourself way.

Many times the scratch received may have been done not by us, but by some other not too polite motorist. Very often, in fact, it happens that you involuntarily ‘hit’ another car in the parking lot and leave without leaving a note.

Don’t get angry and bitter about this. Indeed, for the small scratches on the bodywork of your car it comes across a completely unsuspected ingredient. Which? Here’s everything you need to know to solve the situation with a few euros and in a practical way without going to the body shop.

Car scratches: here’s how to fix the bodywork of your car in an economic and do-it-yourself way

If you have a minimum of practicality in carrying out small DIY jobs, then we are going to propose the way to remove scratches from your car. And to do this, you will have to buy a specific ingredient for very few euros it’s particular. We refer to automotive abrasive paste. You will find it in any specialized shop or even on the main online stores, such as Amazon.

Abrasive paste - Motori.News
The abrasive paste to remove small scratches from the bodywork of your car – Motori.News

This ingredient will ensure the elimination of small scratches from the bodywork through a precise rubbing motion. The advice is to use this ingredient only in small quantities on the directly affected area. Indeed, the risk is to ruin the color of your car.

Before using this product, therefore, it will be important to pass over an area specific polish polish, capable of avoiding this and guaranteeing a ‘tint’ of the same colour. Once this is done, you can use the abrasive paste with a cotton ball, without causing damage to the bodywork and color.

At this point it will be necessary rub until the scratch disappears. After you dry the affected area with a new, clean cotton ball, you’ll need to wait a while. A few hours later, a coat of wax will make the bodywork of your car shine again previously scratched.

Finally, a few more tips. Never use too much abrasive paste, so as not to leave a noticeable halo on the treated area. Furthermore, it is important to choose an ingredient that is not too aggressive.

If you want a practical demonstration, then, we inform you that on YouTube there are several videos of body builders and mechanics who explain how to best use the abrasive paste in a few simple steps.

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