Car theft, watch out for the bottle trick: everyone’s using it

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Car thefts have been on the rise for some time now, most likely due to the crisis, thieves have kicked into gear to bring money home, even by committing crimes, in order to somehow make ends meet.

Car theft
Car theft –

The criminals are studying one a day, in order to carry out the car thefts and bring home a lot of money or pieces to be resold on the black marketor they would really do anything.

Unfortunately this is nothing new, indeed it has always been talked about: car thefts have been a scourge for our country and they have been even more so since the end of the lockdown. At that time they were all at home so as not to attract attention. Once finished, they went wild bringing home important loot and heavily damaging motorists.

The gimmick of the bottle is the most dangerous

The latest gimmick is really dangerous. The user turns on the car that he has left standing in the parking lot for 10 minutes or for hours, starts it up and drives off. After driving for miles, he becomes suspicious of a peculiar and strange noise that comes from the wheel.

So he stops aside, leaves the car running and gets out to go and check what could be the cause the reason for that annoying noise. In the meantime, the thief and his accomplice have followed him, intervene and take the car away undisturbed and that’s it.

Car theft bottle -
bottle – Motors.News

Here’s what you need to pay attention to, the recommendations of the police

The trick teaches us that thieves know what to do, how to do it and when to intervene, to succeed in their intent without attracting attention and without particularly risking. If there are no cameras, in the case of the bottle it is difficult to indicate who may have done the gesture in question.

By now the thefts are not completed with the classic tricks, there are many others that work even better. Law enforcement agencies today can’t help but recommend motorists to always keep their eyes open and never get distracted when I’m driving.

Need keep your attention high even when you are queuing at traffic lights and you generally think you can relax. You can’t because, for example, it can happen that thieves pass by on bikes or take advantage of the open windows on motorbikes. They stick their hand in and steal what they want and then run away.

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