In Naples almost everyone has a Bulgarian and Polish license plate, the reason will surprise you

If you are not from Naples you will not be aware of a trend that has been generated in recent years. In fact, it is not uncommon to spot several Neapolitans driving cars with plates from other foreign countries. In particular, we refer to Bulgarian and Polish license plates. But why is this singular trend alive in the Campania capital? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Naples Bulgarian license plate
Naples Bulgarian license plate –

In the last period a Naples a practice considered quite strange is taking place. We refer to the presence of a large number of cars with foreign license plates, especially Polish and Bulgarian. How come? Why do Neapolitans choose to ‘mount’ a non-Italian license plate on their cars? Here are all the details on this particular story.

The capital of Campania is the most expensive Italian city in terms of car insurance rates. Many, therefore, get around this ‘obstacle’ by registering their cars with Eastern number plates, especially Polish and Bulgarian.

But is this operation legal? Absolutely not! In fact, not equipping your car with normal motor liability insurance is something strictly prohibited by Italian road law. The ploy put in place by these ‘crafty’, however, has made it so that this thing can be allowed.

But what has been done to curb this illegal practice? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Invasion of Bulgarian and Polish license plates in Naples: here are all the details on this trend

This illegal ploy implemented by various inhabitants of the Campania capital has been countered by relying on new rules and laws that regulate the circulation of these cars with foreign license plates. Practically, it has been decided that a car with a foreign number plate cannot circulate in Italy for more than a year.

Naples license plate scam - Motori.News
The scam of foreign license plates in Naples – Motori.News

This law made it possible to curb the illegal trend to equip your car with a foreign license plate in order not to pay the heavy insurance rate.

the president of theAci Naples Anthony Coppola – Some time ago he explained in detail how this illegal trick works practiced by some residents to avoid paying very high motor liability insurance rates: “Abroad dressing, that’s what it’s called. She dresses in an Italian vehicle with a foreign license plate. With this method you escape the law because the exact date of the contract is not known and many times they are bogus contracts”.

It’s still: “It is a scam that is done against the national interests of the Italian state. In the event of an accident with one of these cars with a foreign license plate, there is no guarantee of compensation, because the law does not allow the control of the car liability, as is foreseen for Italian vehicles, because it is a vehicle against the law”.

Despite the introduction of the law that prohibits foreign number plates from circulating for more than a year in Italy, in the last period the ‘crafty’ have found another fraudulent way not to pay the insurance. In fact, Neapolitan cars with Polish and Bulgarian plates have returned to circulation with greater vigor.

What new trick has been created?

Some were created by local companies foreign leasing companies, which allow the car to be scrapped in our country and to supply the foreign license plate and booklet after about 10 days to the ‘crafty’. Thus, the motorist (or motorcyclist) will not have to pay taxes, insurance and more, thanks to this rental system.

Some time ago at an anonymous Neapolitan citizen had explained this move and why he was ‘forced’ to make it: “If I’m stopped by the police, my moped turns out to be for hire: they can’t do anything to me. I’m Italian and I’d like to help Italy by paying taxes, but how can I pay for an insurance policy of 2,000 euros if a moped cost me 700 euros? That is, the insurance costs three times the moped”.

Foreign rental plates - Motori.News
Rental car with foreign license plate: here’s the ploy to avoid paying taxes and insurance – Motori.News

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