Telepass revolution, everything changes for motorists: you will be forced to do it

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Telepass is one of the tools most loved by motorists who usually travel frequently for work, study, etc., because it makes everything much simpler, faster and more practical.

Telepass revolution
Telepass revolution –

The company has been entering the life of Italian motorists for many years, making everything easier and making many services available to users which among other things are active today in 200 different municipalities throughout Italy.

Through the application and activation of the Telepass service you can pay for parking on the blue lines or go through the toll booths without stopping and go desperately looking for parking spaces.

The Telepass service changes, here’s what’s changing

In the years the service has evolved and grown in recent weeks in particular by making available to users the possibility of using the parking without limits which is not a trivial but essential detail.

Often when you leave to perform services, you have no idea how much time is needed, so you either overdo it or go under. In the first case it’s wasted money, in the second you risk fines.

Telepass intervenes to resolve the issue by giving the possibility of setting predefined times and more, parking can be interrupted at any time or extended without problems.

From 1 October until 31 December 2022 all new customers will get 15% Cashback, obviously Telepass also thinks of those who are already customers who will instead have the possibility to take advantage of the 5% Cashback.

Telepass device
telepass –

What can be done through the app

Those who want to use the Telepass app to take advantage of the blue stripes service can confirm their position, setting the parking duration directly from the app and in just a few seconds. The app then sends a notification when parking is nearing its end, notifying the user of the final amount.

It is even possible to correct the term of the parking, it can be postponed or anticipated according to your needs by paying for the precise duration, without incurring penalties.

Furthermore, if you enter the car’s license plate, you can verify the regularity of the parking payment with Telepass or make reports. Those who have already tried the service know that it is indispensable. These are many useful services, collected in a free app available for both Android and Apple.

Anyone who hasn’t activated Telepass yet o didn’t download the app you can do it now by taking advantage of important discounts and an impeccable service which is difficult to do without.