Auto, this unknown lever saves you many driving problems: you will use it every day

Anyone who thinks they know all the cars in the world well, in fact we usually say that all cars are the same. It’s not like that at all.

auto secret lever
Auto, this unknown lever –

In reality, often you don’t even know your own, the reason is only one: non read the booklet issued by the parent company, which explains all the accessories and parts of the machine which in some cases can even save your life.

There are some particular elements that we have daily before our eyes, that probably everyone has noticed but doesn’t even know how they work or what they are for.

The lever that is found on all cars and that not many use

In particular, on all cars there is a lever which it is located on the rear view mirrorwhich we look at every day as soon as we get into the car but which nobody or few people use.

The rear view mirror it is one of the essential accessories when driving a car because it allows you to move in traffic safely and to carry out maneuvers keeping the situation under control to avoid making mistakes or causing accidents or damaging your own car or other people’s cars.

The rear view mirror it is certainly fundamental but you need to know how to position it to be able to use it correctly without making mistakes. To use it well, you need to use the lever located behind it, which must be adjusted according to your heightto meet your needs.

If several people get on the same car, the mirror must be adjusted considering the height and many other parameters, otherwise you won’t be able to keep an eye on the road properly or as you would like.

The function of the rear view mirror and the stick

When adjusted well, it also eliminates blind spots which can be a major problem or an element of nuisance or discomfort while driving. We can well see that the glass of the rear view mirror is not flat but is curved and thicker on one side.

This elevation ensures that reflected light is not a problem, lowering or raising it, you can switch from night vision to day vision with a single gesture. It can likewise be used to avoid being dazzled by vehicles behind in the evening hours.

Bright lights are especially annoying and for this reason they should not be underestimated because they are an important nuisance for the driver and can even cause accidents.

They are especially so for those who drive the car with glasses who in this case have to juggle a thousand obstacles and visual difficulties.

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