Petrol, with the spring trick you can fill up for €10: everyone tries

Fueling these days has become a problem for any motorist, the cost of fuel, whether diesel, petrol or methane, is really too high.

Gasoline Spring Trick
Gasoline trick of the spring –

That’s why people try to find all the valid and smart tricks, not to pay and fill up anyway, sometimes even descending into illegality and running the risk of serious sanctions or criminal consequences.

Electricity, gas, petrol and everything that is considered indispensable for anyone’s life today has an excessively high cost that not everyone can or wants to bear.

Because of this many people rather than gas and always have the car available, choose not to use it and keep it in the garage only for essential trips. To move around the city or out of town, many prefer to use public transport, even if it is not fully reliable.

Ad hoc tricks designed to save on petrol

Then of course there are those who, despite the crisis, have no intention of giving up comfort, so they steal fuel from petrol pumps with sometimes unsafe tricks, which work and don’t work.

For example in Rimini a soldier thwarted a scam that the man in question had been running for years and that it has always been profitable for him. The soldier intervened and took him to the police station only because he was suspicious of his behavior while passing by the service station.

The person in question was stopped at the gas station and jumped on the pump to get as much gas out as possible to fill up his car and save the car. “extra” petrol for all the other vehicles he had at home.

The trick worked and it works because through the pressure of the body on the tube the drops left over from the last refueling come out, even if there is a risk of damaging the pump.

City highway petrol station - Motori.News
Distributors to avoid for refueling – Motori.News

From 2009 to today more than 500 euros of petrol stolen

The trick it was first put into practice in 2009then slowly the police went ahead with the investigations, the bureaucracy made sure that the times became very long.

Once the scam was discovered, the gas station attendant filed a complaint against the man in question who was accused of aggravated theft. The scam caused significant damage to the owner of the petrol station because he stole more than €500 worth of fuel using the jump method.

Now unfortunately he will have to pay not only for the fuel but also for the damage caused to the supply owner.

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