Sponge from the dishes, cut it like this and put it in the vents: amazing what happens

The air conditioning vent in the car requires periodic cleaning and hygiene because the system not only heats or cools the air inside the passenger compartment but also makes it healthy and therefore clean.

Sponge for dishes
Sponge for dishes – motori.news

The more km you travel, the more people get into the car, the more the car is used, the more you run risk of dirtying it clearly and more.

In fact, dirt is not only present on the upholstery, on the rugs, on the armchairs, but also where it cannot be seen, for example inside the air conditioning vents which, once turned on, circulate the dirt and dust that we inevitably breathe .

The air vent is a hotbed of germs and bacteria

This is why every six months or on the occasion of the change of season, therefore in the months of May and November, or when the climate changes completely and the air must be turned on for some reason, first of all clean the air vents and to the entire internal part of the system.

At this point one wonders how the air vents can be cleaned effectively and efficiently, because we all know it, inside them it is really difficult to get to.

The solution is not to ask the cleaning professionals for help, then take the car to the car wash, because it is a figure that not everyone can sustain several times a yearor. Rather it is better to learn to know what to do and how to behave.

This type of cleaning can be put into practice directly in the garage of your own home, in the driveway or in the car park under the house, just use a sponge for the dishes and have some free minutes to dedicate to cleaning the air conditioning system.

car air conditioning
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Clean air vents in seconds with fast and effective DIY methods

In addition to the sponge, compressed air can be useful, once turned on and directed towards the vents, it solves the problem, then obviously you have to proceed with cleaning the entire external area because the dust will probably have settled on the upholstery etc.

Instead, if you want to clean the air conditioning vents while keeping the situation under control, without dirtying everything else, you take a dishwashing sponge, wet it, maybe sprinkle vinegar on it which is disinfectant or any other natural product or cleaner.

Then it is made to enter the space of the unions, perhaps using pliers or a clothes peg. You push it in and scrub it well in such a way as to clean and eliminate dirt and dust present in depth. And here it is solved.

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