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Highway Code, everything really changes: the Meloni Executive wants to impose higher penalties based on income.

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Should we have expected it? Well yes, as is already the case in other EU countries, the value of fines is calculated on the basis of the wealth of those who have violated the legislation contained in the Highway Code. In Europe the proportionate fine based on income it is already a reality: Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark and other EU countries have already introduced the new method of calculating income-related penalties.

In Great Britain, for example, the amount of the fine varies according to the offense committed and the weekly income of the motorist. The ceiling is £2,500 for offenses committed on motorways and £1,000 for offenses committed on other roads.

Higher fines based on income: what could change from 2023?

One of the hypotheses that the Meloni government is working on is that of raise the amount of fines for those with higher incomes. It is an anticipation announced by Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Matteo Salvini. In this hypothesis there would be the possibility of revising some rules contained in the Highway Code: revocation of the life license for motorists under the influence of drugs and in a state of intoxication. In the coming weeks, by 31 December, the Government will meet to discuss possible changes.

As anticipated by the same Deputy Minister of Transport Bignami the amount of the financial fine must be related to income. For example, in Finland, traffic fines are income-based and there is no upper limit. In Norway, motorists who drive while intoxicated face the withdrawal of their driving license and arrest, with the imposition of fines whose amount is higher than 1000 euros.

Highest traffic fines since 203: what could change?

With inflation underway, the Government hypothesizes to align all costs with price trends, which have skyrocketed. In the face of the higher expenses, the Municipalities and the Regions risk receiving unchanged revenue. The risk is that the Municipalities find themselves with less revenue and income, taking into account the fact that public resources are less and less and energy costs are constantly increasing.

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