What happens to the car if you confuse diesel with petrol?

How many times has it happened to each of us to make a mistake in putting fuel in the tank of the car and to end up with petrol in the tank of the diesel car?

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Unfortunately it can happen due to inattention or for disinformation, perhaps one day when you are particularly stressed or have your head in the clouds. Obviously it shouldn’t happen and there aren’t any justifications, but if it happens it can be solved somehow.

The difference between the diesel engine and the petrol engine is there and it is evident, for this reason, due to a small error, especially in diesel cars, there can be very serious consequences.ravishing and impactful.

What happens if you pour gas in the wrong car

The greatest danger you run if you put petrol in a diesel car is to start a fire because diesel burns at a hotter temperature than normal fuel.

Which means that gasoline ignites much faster. It happens because the exhaust gases reach very high temperatures compared to normal, consequently causing thermal shocks. If you realize immediatelydisasters are avoided, otherwise it is a catastrophe or nearly so.

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Petrol – Motori.news

The damage of petrol poured into the tank of a diesel car and vice versa

When you put gasoline in diesel, lack of lubricating oil in the engine, for which the consequence is that the system stops and the valves and all the other components are damaged. At this point the only thing left to do is go to a specialized workshop, because in this case only professionals know what to do.

If you doubt you have poured the wrong fuel into the tank, you have to pay attention to the signals that the car starts to give when you walk. The first thing that is impossible not to notice is the drop in performance of the vehicle.

In fact, the car that has the wrong fuel in the tank jerks and makes rattling noises.

If, on the other hand, diesel is put in a petrol car, the problem is less serious because at most the diesel coats the spark plugs and the entire fuel system but does not damage any parts.

At most FrIt may happen that the engine emits smoke, that the car shuts down suddenly or does not start at all. In this case, simply remove the diesel and the problem is solved.

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