What is the risk of not stopping at a checkpoint?

When we see a police checkpoint we try to understand if everything is in the right place and if there is a risk of being fined for one reason or another. There are those who stop and those who ignore it and go away in the hope of being able to escape.

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Yet you need to know that if the police ask you to stop at a checkpoint you can’t choose whether to do it or not, you just have to do it.

If we are driving a car or a moped, having the documents in order, one must not be afraid of anything. What matters is that you have your driving license and vehicle registration document with you.

Forcing the checkpoint is what many users prefer to do, but beware of the consequences

Often users force the checkpoint especially if I don’t have the documents or if they are not in order. They do this to avoid the fine even if in this case they commit a double infraction.

In fact, for the uninitiated, not stopping at a checkpoint means committing a serious offence. The only thing you can do is assume the responsibility of the facts.

Checkpoints are control services designed for the protection and safety of citizens. It aims in particular at the prevention of crimes which unfortunately have increased over the last few years some cases even tripled. THE Carabinieri and other law enforcement agencies carry out routine checks for prevention purposes. When they warn you to stop, you have to do it by participating in routine checks showing that you have nothing to fear.

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How to behave at the checkpoint

The first thing to do is to keep calm, the second is to do what the police ask. The third is to take your personal documents and show them to the police, we are talking about registration, insurance and driving licence. Then you have to stay in the car, unless specifically requested by the agent, to get off for any additional controls.

The police forces can also request to inspect the trunk of the car, also in this case one must not object, because otherwise one may give the feeling of having something to hide.

Should narcotic substances be found in the car or other, the agents at the checkpoint are required to proceed with the search which we cannot escape.

If you evade a checkpoint in any way you risk the 10 points deduction from the licencethe complaint to the judicial authority and a fine ranging from 1,256 to 5,030 euros.

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