Never drive with your arm like this, they empty your wallet

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Everyone who drives has bad habits that don’t judge for what they are. At first glance they seem to be trivial habits, not dangerous or in any case serious, but they are. One of the habits that seems to be totally harmless and innocent is driving with your arm out the window or with your elbow resting on it.

arm out of car
Arm out of the car –

Few know that this position is prohibited and that in case of checks by the police, you even risk a hefty fine.

Many motorists especially in the really hot seasons, therefore in summer and sometimes in spring, drive with their arm resting on the window in a position of total relaxation. But they don’t know that this position is not only dangerousit is also an infringement and moreover it is a highly diseducative gesture for children.

Driving with your arm out the window is dangerous and harmful

In fact, the little ones see adults who behave in this way and therefore consequently think it is a correct attitude. Which it is not. In the future, today’s little ones are those who will drive in the same way, putting their own lives and the lives of others at risk.

For the uninitiated, walk with your elbow and arm out the window it is dangerous because the position compromises road safety. In fact, the highway code punishes those who do it with fairly high fines. This position is wrong because involves one-handed driving. Something unforeseen can happen at any moment and puts the driver in difficulty.

In fact, in this position he is not able to react as he should despite having immediate and ready reflexes.

That’s why in the event of an accident this position complicates things and makes everything more dangerous

Having his arm resting on the window, the driver, despite being young and agile, does not have the time to put both hands back on the wheel and take the car back to avoid the worst. So in the event of an accident, you risk being injured more than normal, or having unpleasant side effects much more serious than you think.

This is why in case of checks by the police, you are sometimes fined even severely. The penalty is not always the same, but it can vary. It generally ranges from €42 to €173 in less serious cases, and then in more serious cases it goes to €87 and €344. In this case, the fine is also added deduction of one point from the driving licence.

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