Mazda Details Inline-Six 3.0-Liter Gasoline And 3.3-Liter Diesel Engines


The CX-60 is more than just another SUV as it sports Mazda’s longitudinal layout platform, officially dubbed the “Skyactiv Multi-Solution Scalable Architecture.” Why is that important? Due to the long rumored inline-six engine it finally happened. The company Zoom-Zoom shared some early details in a press release for the CX-60, the first plug-in hybrid production model.

Without further ado, there will be a 3.0-liter e-Skyactiv X engine that promises to deliver “smooth acceleration and an attractive sound.” Interestingly, Mazda mentions that it is as economical as a four-pot engine thanks to its improved lean combustion technology. It’s important to note that this is still a naturally aspirated engine as its larger capacity helps push more air without having to resort to turbocharging.

Then there’s the 3.3-liter e-Skyactiv D, an evolution of the smaller 2.2-liter unit that brings “an increase in the speed range where lean burning is possible.” Engineers have made better use of excess air by developing an egg-shaped combustion chamber that divides the air-fuel mixture into two areas within the piston bowl. Doing so will increase combustion for faster acceleration and reduced NOx emissions at higher rpm. A larger lean-burn area is achieved, consequently reducing unburned residue to a minimum.

Although the inline-six diesel is physically larger than its four-pot counterpart, the simple structure offsets the heavy penalty. So much so that Mazda mentions it is almost as heavy as a regular four-pot diesel. Just like petrol mills, oil burners benefit from something called “M Hybrid Boost.” Basically, it’s a 48V mild hybrid setup to reduce fuel consumption and emissions and support the combustion engine from the start.

The two inline-six engines have been structured to work with a newly developed eight-speed automatic transmission that lacks a torque converter. Instead of a hydraulic converter, it relies on a multi-plate clutch for faster and smoother gear changes. Its compact size allows Mazda to make the transmission tunnel space smaller to free up space in the pedal box for a better driving position.

The CX-60 is just the start of Mazda’s onslaught of SUVs as it will be followed by the wide-body CX-70 for the United States. Additionally, a larger three-row model known as the CX-80 is slated to arrive in Europe, while the equivalent CX-90 will be launched in the United States with a wider body. All four will use the new platform, which we hope will also be seen in the next Mazda6 sedan.


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