ECD Twin Build Land Rover Defender 90 Restomod For Friends

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Two friends commissioned ECD Automotive Design to build a pair of matching Land Rover Defender 90 soft top SUVs. Both are identical on the outside and hard to tell apart, but they are different once you take a peek inside the cabin. One is called Project 67, while the other is called Project Flamingo.

Both restomods sport a Keswick eggshell green exterior which is paired with a black canvas roof. Even more confusing to anyone looking at it are the 16-inch disc black wheels with matching lug nuts. The ECD wraps the wheels with BFGoodrich all-terrain tires. Above, both Land Rovers feature four LED spotlights above their black roll cages.

The similarities also translate to the engine bay and chassis. Both SUVs feature a General Motors-sourced LS3 V8 engine, which is paired to a six-speed automatic gearbox. Other underbody similarities include an ECD air suspension system, EBC brakes and a Borla dual exhaust system.

In Project 67, the ECD installed the Momo Prototipo steering wheel. Aftermarket specialists wrapped it and the seats, which feature horizontal single seams, in Cadence Moon Rock leather. In the back, the Project 67 differentiates itself with two benches that face inward. Further settings of this Defender are a 110 volt outlet, wireless charger and rear air conditioning for added passenger comfort.

Project Flamingo is different, featuring an interior covered in Cadence Lentil leather. The driver uses a Nardi Challenge steering wheel wrapped in the same leather. At the rear, the Land Rover only has one inward-facing bench seat. It sits across from an inward-facing jump seat, further distinguishing it from its siblings.

Both SUVs “featured a wide range of options our clients could choose from to build their dream one-on-one truck,” said ECD co-founder Scott Wallace. Making this Land Rover even more special is the fact that each ECD custom Defender build is exclusive. The company would not allow other clients to copy him, making his pair of Land Rovers a unique symbol of friendship.

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