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The driving license rules are strict. You have to follow them scrupulously in order not to incur very heavy penalties from an economic point of view. There is a particular article of the Highway Code that is, however, unknown to a large number of motorists. Which? Here’s what you’re not allowed to do once you’re over 65. Pay close attention.

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Car licence, everything changes after the age of 65 –

To drive a car it is essential to have a regular one driver’s license. It cannot be achieved before 18 years of age. Once you have come of age, however, it will be possible to obtain it after passing a theoretical quiz test and a practical exam on the road.

The renewal of the license must take place every ten years. This rule holds true from 18 to 50 years of age. Once this threshold has been exceeded, however, the renewal of this fundamental document in order to be able to circulate on the road will have to be done every time 5 years. After the age of 70 it drops to 3 and after the age of 80 to 2.

But do you know that these are not the only rules to be respected? Those over 65 years of age, in fact, will not be able to carry out a particular move behind the wheel. Which? Here’s everything you need to know in order not to suffer unpleasant surprises from a purely economic point of view.

Car licence: here’s what you can’t do after the age of 65

There Car licence it also changes according to one’s age. We have already seen how the renewal of this basic document changes from one age group to another. This rule is made so that all people have the psychophysical requisites to be able to drive their own car. But What can’t people over 65 do? Here are the details.

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Over 65 years of age is not allowed to do a particular thing in the car. There is, however, one exception – Motori.News

However, these are not the only limits for those who are a little older. Anyone over 65 years of agein fact, he will not be able to act as a driving instructor for a person in possession of a pink sheet.

Furthermore, driving a vehicle without a pink slip is not permitted by law. Article 122 of the Highway Code, referring to driving vehicles, expressly says: “Anyone who drives without authorization for the exercise, but having alongside, in the function of instructor, a person with a driving license pursuant to paragraph 2, is subject to the administrative sanction of the payment of a sum ranging from 430 to 1,731 euros. The same sanction applies to the person who acts as an instructor”.

Furthermore, the instructor must have held a driving license for at least ten years. But the Highway Code also provides that the man alongside the person about to learn to drive must have less than 65 years old.

There are many who criticize this thing, arguing that at that age one still has all the psychophysical requisites to be able to implement teaching. But the law is this. However, a clarification must be made. Which?

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Who has a professional certificate as a driving school teacher – it must be issued by the competent Province or by the Motorization Authority – will be able to carry out the role of driving teacher even over 65 years of age. Therefore, the rule on article 122 of the Highway Code does not apply to them. It will be essential, as obvious as it is, to be in possession, however, of a driving licence.

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