Driver’s window open, the ingenious trick to save money when you refuel

When you get petrol, you always try to save as much as possible on the final costs, so you go around several times to find out which is the cheapest petrol station and then choose.

Driver's window open
Driver’s window open – Motori.News

Often after so much effort, however, trivial mistakes are made that waste money unnecessarily. This is why being properly informed is important and makes all the difference.

The cost of fuel has increased significantly in recent months, also due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict it has led to a surge in the costs of any sector, evident.

The tricks adopted by motorists from all over the world to save petrol

The Italian government initially applied the cut in excise duties giving motorists the opportunity to take advantage of a discount on fuel which with the new Meloni government has been halved.

Since the cost of fuel has increased, motorists not only pay attention to their driving style, but try to go as little as possible to petrol stations, limiting the use of the car.

There are those who for example and choose not to use the car to get around, therefore to go to work or university, he prefers to use public transport, which certainly costs less even if they are not so reliable.

Car window down - Motori.News
Petrol – Motors.News

The window trick that saves petrol

But be careful because there is a detail that not all motorists in the world know about using the window. If you hold it a certain waythis either increases the cash outlay or reduces it.

On summer days using the air conditioning, the accessories and the window can do use less fuel or more fuel depending on the conditions.

If you have to travel a few kilometers in the summer, rather than activating the air conditioning, it is advisable to activate the fan so as to circulate the air inside the vehicle to breathe and travel well.

Instead if you are traveling at low speeds it is advisable to roll down the window and to use the fan and not the air conditioning, because this trick saves 10% of fuel.

The window instead it absolutely must not be lowered when traveling at high speed, that is, over 80 km per hour, because the car resists, and therefore consumes more fuel than necessary to move.

Taking a long journey with the windows down costs €35 more than usual. On the other hand, traveling in reverse, at low speed, it is better to turn off the air conditioning because it consumes a lot, for no valid reason.

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