Why do you smell bad as soon as you turn on the air conditioning? You don’t even imagine

Car air conditioning is essential in summer and it is also essential in winter when it’s too cold and you need to turn on the hot air, even if only to defoam the windows.

bad air conditioning smell
Bad smell when you turn on the air conditioning – motori.news

But like any other part of the vehicle, this too should be cleaned from time to time because due to dirt, dust, mould, of the condensation, after weeks or months of use or non-use, there is the risk of turning it on and smelling so much stench that it cannot be kept active.

Clogged or dirty filters are a repository of impurities which, among other things, endanger the lives of those traveling inside the vehicle.

Because the air conditioning is smelly

Breathing smelly and unhealthy air is certainly not positive. Sometimes the air conditioning smells like fish, feet, or mold. The triggers are many, what matters is the care you take of it.

The first thing that should be done is sanitizing the interior and the air conditioning of the car, which allows you to breathe healthy and fresh air for a long time. Unfortunately, the inconvenience caused by mold or poor maintenance can occur several times a year.

Not everyone has it opportunity to contact professionals to clean the car and travel in serenity, so it can be useful to know that there are tricks that allow you to have 100% scented air conditioning for very little money.

Air vent clip
Air conditioning – Motors.News

The trick to perfume the air conditioning

One of the tricks that everyone uses is that of the clothespin, dipped in essential oils. What you have to do is take a wooden clip, which absorbs any product and pour droplets of essential oils of any kind on it.

The flavor varies according to your preference. Once done, insert the clip on the air conditioning vents and then turn on the fan. Consequently the air that it will come out fresh and fragrant as well as clean and light.

Obviously this is not a method that allows you to clean the filters or the car air conditioner and solve the problem once and for all. It’s just a temporary fix it serves to cushion the discomfort for some time.

Immediately afterwards, it will be necessary to act seriously and then clean the vents, perhaps by inserting a dishwashing sponge, moistened with vinegar or any other detergent, to be introduced between one pipe union and another with a fork, with pliers or a clothespin to pull all the dirt out.

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