Highway Code, 1682 euro fine if you don’t have it in your car: go and check

The highway code can become very strict, especially when we are stopped for a check: here’s what you must always have with you.

fine on the street
fine on the street – Motori.News

It can often happen to be stopped at a checkpoint for a regular check and discover, alas, that we do not have something with us that we absolutely should keep in the car.

So here’s where it clicks fine, even salty, for a distraction that cost us dearly. Luckily nowadays, in the completely digital era that allows for remote checks, it is difficult to forget something, yet there is something that has remained on paper and that if we are in the habit of always carrying with us it is easy to forget.

The document you must always have in your car: the highway code punishes you severely

We are talking about the vehicle registration documenta card that you must of course always have with you when traveling by car or motorbike, to which you must necessarily accompany the driver’s license and, if you’re going abroad, there too Green Card related to your insurance.

Example of vehicle registration certificate
Example of vehicle registration certificate – Motori.news

Above all, you must not forget this: if you are stopped and you do not have a vehicle registration document, article 180 of the Highway Code provides for fines starting from 41 euros up to 168 euros. Slightly less fine if the card relates to a motorcycle: we start dat 25 euros with a maximum ceiling of 99 euros.

What happens at that point? The police forces will invite you to present yourself at an office indicated by them to remedy the damage. Be careful here because if you don’t even comply with this obligation, the fine becomes decidedly heavier, starting from 419 euros up to even 1682 euros.

It is therefore a good idea to always have the vehicle registration document with you, especially if you are one of those people who, out of habit or safety, tend to always carry all the important documents relating to the car. It will not save you from any fines, but just in case you can keep one photocopy of the card in the car so you still have something demonstrable.

We close with a little curiosity: do you know why it’s called the vehicle registration document despite the fact that it is, in fact, a simple sheet of paper? It is soon said. In the past, what is today the registration certificate was in fact a small book, complete with a binding and several sheets to compose it.

Old registration certificate
Old vehicle registration document – ​​Motori.news

In Italy, with a decree law that came into force in 2020, the Circulation Card and the Ownership Document were incorporated into what is called precisely Single Circulation Document.

Nothing has changed from a physical point of view, in the sense that the Card is the same as we have known in recent years, but which adds to its information all the data relating to the registration of the car with the Public vehicle registration.

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