Engine oil, other than 20,000 km: now it needs to be changed much sooner

Engine oil, however strange or exaggerated it may seem, is essential for any car, because if it isn’t there or isn’t enough, it can seriously damage the vehicle, causing major and important consequences.

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First of all, the gearbox is essential because it protects and lubricates the engine, guaranteeing a long life for the car, and then because in this way you can have maximum efficiency regarding the performance and reliability of the vehicle.

Engine oil checks on cars, then top up or just changemust be carried out scrupulously periodically, respecting the recommendations of each manufacturer and therefore of all car manufacturers.

Why it is important to perform periodic maintenance

Engine oil should be checked and changed periodically, because the problems caused by its lack or by a late change can be many, from the most serious to the least serious. We speak, for example, of engine fouling, a decrease in vehicle performance or engine failure.

Too little oil, it can be the main cause of the excessive increase in temperature or of the increase in fuel consumption. We often realize that the car consumes much more fuel than usual.

Generally we think we have some problem with the tank or that the petrol pump has screwed us. In reality, it may simply be our fault, negligence and lack of attention.

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What are the recommended intervals for checking and changing engine oil

The oil change interval it must always be respected and ranges from 15,000 to 30,000 km according to the vehicle in question. What makes the difference is also the use of the medium, whether constant or rare.

If it is a vehicle that is rarely driven, the engine oil should be replaced once a year. Alternatively also twice a year. In particular, the change must be made every 15,000 km for petrol cars, every 25,000 kilometers for diesel cars, every 12,000 for methane cars, every 10,000 for old or worn cars.

You can even get to replace the oil change once a year, this only if you don’t reach the mileages that have been suggested.

Even if the intervals should be wide enough to guarantee peace of mind for months, so if the vehicle is used to the minimum, it is advisable to carry out maintenance and check the engine oil level at least once a month or in any case before starting a long journey.

If you do not check the engine oil before leaving and it ends while you are still far from your destination, you risk having to leave the car and continue in another way, with an impacting economic year.

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