Do you know what the button on the automatic gearbox is for? You’ve always used it wrong

Most of today’s machines have a functionality that was unthinkable a few years ago. We are referring to the automatic gearbox. But do you know how to use it properly? There is a feature that many of you may have missed, but which – in reality – is very important. Here’s everything you need to know about a particular button on your automatic transmission.

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Do you know what the button on the automatic gearbox is for? –

The world of cars differs in many particular aspects present in each single model. One of the macro differences between the cars on the market today concerns the exchange. Indeed, not all models are equipped with the normal manual transmission. In recent years it has been possible to ‘run into’ more and more cars equipped with automatic gearbox. But are you aware of all the details of this practical way to enjoy the driving experience?

Despite the proliferation of this new automatic gearbox, many still prefer the traditional manual gearbox. Many, in fact, like to drive by changing gears independently, with the traditional method of the clutch and the gears changed manually.

The ever greater safety and practicality of the latest generation machines, however, is changing many minds regarding the transition from manual to automatic transmission.

Automatic gearbox button - Motori.News
Automatic gearbox – Motors.News

This is all due to the greater driving comfort. Indeed, cars with automatic gearboxes are equipped with only two pedals, the brake and the accelerator. The absence of the clutch is made up for by the presence of a particular lever located in the center of the two front seats or on the steering column.

But did you know that there is a button on the automatic gear lever that can guarantee maximum safety while driving? Here is its important function.

The ‘mysterious’ button on the automatic transmission: that’s what it’s for

Experts will already be aware of this button, but newcomers to driving an automatic car for the first time may not have been aware of this. First of all, let’s start by saying that there are letters on the automatic gearbox. There letter D refers to automatic management. What is it for?

Automatic gearbox - Motors.News
Automatic transmission: that’s what a particular button is for – Motori.News

It will be necessary to start the car and start driving on the road move the lever downwards, keep your foot on the brake and put the gear on the letter D. The car will start moving, gently releasing the brake pedal. Driving with the automatic gearbox, then, allows you to press only the accelerator and the brake in case of need. The gears, on the other hand, will be managed automatically by the system.

There letter N, on the other hand, is used to put the gearbox in neutral. During stops it will also be important to pull the safety brake. To maximize the level of security, however, every car equipped with an automatic gearbox has a particular buttonable to minimize any risk. What is this ‘mysterious’ button for?

There letter R refers to reverse. And the button to which we refer prevents an involuntary passage from taking place from drive or neutral mode to reverse.

In practice, it guarantees greater safety and prevents structural damage to the gearbox. The button is located on the gear lever. Switching from drive to neutral, from neutral to reverse, from drive to reverse or vice versa will therefore be possible, only after pressing this important button.

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